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Our Vision:

We are passionate about natural baked goods that are delicious and made with NOTHING artificial. We provide ready made Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Grain-Free baked goods that contain NO refined sugars! We have many Paleo, SCD and Vegan food options to help people maintain their diets. This allows them more time to do what they love and keep being healthy. 

~Taste How Delicious Being Healthy Can Be~

Quotes from our Customers:

"As a gym owner and health and fitness enthusiast, I am always looking for alternative treats and baked goods! My standards are pretty high and as someone who rarely eats grains and refined sugars, I have to say that Mama Joy's goodies are exceptional! Seriously, her muffins and breakfast cookies are killer!" 

- Sunny Holub (Owner/Trainer at Move Fit & Performance, Mt. Vernon, IA)

"The chocolate chip cookies and madeleines were such a delightful surprise---I've been trying to be gluten-free for over a year and have yet to find anything that tasted half as delicious!! In fact, I think I prefer them to regular cookies. Thank you Mama Joy for bringing some joy back into baked goods for those of us with gluten concerns!!" 

- Samantha

"I really loved the breakfast cookies they made me actually enjoy eating raisins. I also loved the very tasty blueberry donuts. I am 11 years old and I have food allergies. It was nice to find some fresh baked goods that I could enjoy." 

- Landen

"We have so enjoyed Mama Joy's baked goods! Everything we have tried has been great. Our favorite was the chocolate chip cookies. It's nice to enjoy delicious treats without all the "junk." Thanks Mama Joy!" 

- The Dougherty Family